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Discover a range of courses designed for recovery and personal growth at TrueHealing. Reserve your seat for new courses like Vaccine Damage Recovery, Long Covid Recovery, and Chronic Fatigue Recovery, or join the waiting list for our upcoming programs. Transform your health and well-being with us.

New Courses At TrueHealing

These courses will start soon. Limited spots. Reserve your seat now!

Vaccination Damage Recovery

Vaccine Damage Recovery

Recovery program for a persistent vaccination injury resulting from repetitive stress or trauma, causing pain and limiting function over a prolonged period.

Long Covid Recovery

Long Covid Recovery

Recovery program for a range of symptoms that persist for weeks or months after initial COVID-19 infection, affecting physical and mental health.


Chronic Fatigue Recovery

Chronic Fatigue Recovery

Recovery program for long-term exhaustion, physical and/or mental, that doesn't improve with rest and limits daily activities for at least six months.


Our Future Courses - Coming Soon!

Checkout our future courses. Get on the waiting list to receive updates on dates & content.
Can't wait? Check out our personal coaching programs.

Nutrition & Health | TrueHealing

Nutrition & Health

Discover the profound impact of nutrition on our bodies. Join Tine Van Der Maas for an introductory course on macronutrients and their role in human health. Ideal for healthcare professionals & health seekers looking for a deeper understanding of nutrition.

Immunesystem Bulletproof | TrueHealing

Bulletproof Immune System

Learn practical strategies to naturally strengthen your immune system and support overall health. This course provides insights into nutrition, positive mindset, and healthy lifestyle habits. Optimize your immune system and improve your well-being. Stay tuned for updates on this upcoming course!

Holistic Health Coach | TrueHealing

Holistic Health Coach

Become a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. Support individuals in their holistic health journey. Learn effective coaching techniques, access ready-to-use resources, and gain confidence in delivering transformative coaching sessions. Start your rewarding career as a Holistic Health Coach!

Quantum Energy Healing | TrueHealing

Quantum Energy Healing

Unveil the secrets of Quantum Healing with this comprehensive course. Learn the "Why," "How," and "What" of Quantum Healing, including valuable guidelines for fast and effortless healing. Explore concepts and practical examples to enhance your healing abilities. Master the art of healing yourself and others. Unlock the potential of Quantum Energy Healing.

Epigenetic Healing | TrueHealing

Epigenetic Healing

Unlock your body's healing potential with the power of epigenetics.

Discover how to activate your DNA expression and rewire your brain for optimal health, emotional intelligence, and inner peace.

Integrated with ancient wisdom, this transformative course empowers you to overcome limitations and achieve lasting wellness. Join now!

EFT - Tapping For Health

EFT - Tapping For Health

Explore the transformative power of Tapping, an effective blend of traditional Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. Learn to release emotional distress, reduce trauma, and promote well-being by tapping on specific meridian points. Balance your energy system and alleviate discomfort with this empowering technique. Join now for emotional freedom!

What Our Members Experienced:


"TrueHealing.health revolutionized my recovery from chronic fatigue. Their holistic approach and community support helped me regain strength and vitality. I'm truly grateful for their transformative guidance!"

Jane F. | TrueHealing

Jane F.

Capetown, South Africa

'Relief I needed...'

"After years of suffering from a persistent vaccination injury, TrueHealing's Vaccine Damage Recovery program offered me the relief I needed. Their natural methods and personal support were life-saving for me.

Milana S. | TrueHealing

Milana S.

Madrid, Spain

'Astounding results'

"Facing terminal illness, TrueHealing provided hope and astounding results. Their natural program helped me overcome my health challenges. I have no longer the symptoms. I'm living proof of their success.

Frank B. | TrueHealing

Frank B.

Miami, Florida

'When Life Gives You Lemons...'

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