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Embrace the Healing Power of Mother Nature

Parkinson Disease

You listen to a part of the reference of Karen p. Karen was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease and benefited from our program. Karen improved her mobility and enjoy live again.


We treat several forms from cancer witch you still can combine with regular treatment like Peter K. did. He recovered fully. You hear a part of his statement.


Diabetes is in many cases curable. Elmer came with Diabetes 2 to us. His full recover was only a couple of months. Elmer is a fanatic advocate for TrueHealing.

Reviews taken out of our documentary

With the help of our volunteers and the support of Nkosi Bhengu and generous sponsors, we went to the harsh areas of South Africa to help people with severe diseases, such as AIDS, cancer, herpes, fungal infections, etc. The results will speak for themselves.

Introduction "Power To The People"

We made this documentary over a 4 month period to show people that most of the time you do not need drugs to heal. The diseases we treated were many.

Sick Sangoma

This lady was send home to die from an unknown disease. She recovered beautifully on our Wellness Program.

Kicked Out Of The Clinic

Like usual, the medical establishment did not want us. Thanks to Nkosi Bhengu's help we just made a plan and carried on...

Immune Deficiency Syndrome

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The Sick Sister & Brother

In this home we met a severe sick brother and sister. Both had AIDS, the one followed our Wellness Program the other did not.

Organic Vegetable Gardens

It is essential that we go back to basics: A lot more nutrients and a lot less toxins

Immobile by Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

It is a crime against humanity that people are not told the truth how to heal themselves. Imagine not even being able to go to the toilet because you van not walk, spending 5 years in your bed because you do not have the correct information.

Anti-Sugar Talks & The Revolt Against This Message

Much of our time was spent on health and well-being talks and warning people against sugar, refined foods and toxins.

Shingles and Wound Treatment

We treated many types of wounds. The shingle cream takes the pain within 2 hours and is also effective when children have chickenpox.

Girl with AIDS and Shingles

This girl had no will to live anymore. Her family had also given up on her.

Sangoma / Traditional Healers meeting

The Sangomas asked Nkosi Bhengu if we could share our information with them.

Aids Girl Struggles Changing Lifestyle

We had a struggle with this girl as she did not want to change her lifestyle. Luckily she choose health

Dealing with Tropical Fungus

The only "treatment" doctors have is to amputate!

Man With Aids, TB and Asthma

This gentleman thought he was going to die because of lack of breath.


Within 2 weeks we can get people of their medication or pumps.


We stopped all epileptic fits the natural way. The gentleman in the clip had severe brain damage but is currently learning to read and write.

Man Brought In By A Wheelbarrow

This gentleman had not much time left.

The media is blocking all this information

The media keeps on blocking this information calling us all kinds of names. Why?

Healing Cataracts

People, that have been blind for many years can see again when we treat them with our drops.


Arthritis is being mis-treated. Instead of rectifying the ph levels and getting the acid out, doctors treat it with cortisone to stop an over-active immune system.


Special thanks to Isiah for letting us use the photos we took during his healing process. It did give hope to many of our patients and convince them to join the program.

Chemicals, ARVs and side effects

The results of side effects of ARVs - what they do not tell you.


Without these wonderful people we could not have done the work. They volunteered their services either because they were healed themselves or their family members.

Nkosi Bhengu's closing Speech

Nkosi Bhengu, the local leader, gave us our full support when he saw our program worked. Without him, this documentary would not have been possible.

What Our Members Experienced:


"TrueHealing.health revolutionized my recovery from chronic fatigue. Their holistic approach and community support helped me regain strength and vitality. I'm truly grateful for their transformative guidance!"

Jane F. | TrueHealing

Jane F.

Capetown, South Africa

'Relief I needed...'

"After years of suffering from a persistent vaccination injury, TrueHealing's Vaccine Damage Recovery program offered me the relief I needed. Their natural methods and personal support were life-saving for me.

Milana S. | TrueHealing

Milana S.

Madrid, Spain

'Astounding results'

"Facing terminal illness, TrueHealing provided hope and astounding results. Their natural program helped me overcome my health challenges. I have no longer the symptoms. I'm living proof of their success.

Frank B. | TrueHealing

Frank B.

Miami, Florida

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