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Tine Van Der Maas


Tine van der Maas

Nutrition Expert

Tine van der Maas, a South African nutritionist with over three decades of experience, has been a transformative figure in the fields of nutrition and holistic health. With her birth in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1954, raised in Holland and subsequent relocation to South Africa in 1976, she has developed a unique blend of international perspective and local expertise.

Health Challenges

Tine’s early life was marked by significant health challenges. She experienced multiple instances of broken bones, including a severe injury to her right elbow at a young age. Through the unwavering support of her parents and dedicated rehabilitation, Tine overcame these obstacles and emerged with a deep appreciation for the body’s resilience and healing potential.

Tine’s transformative experiences continued as she encountered health issues such as a persistent herpes infection and a debilitating ear infection. These encounters led her to explore alternative approaches to healing, ultimately shaping her belief in the power of natural, sustainable, and effective treatments. Her personal journey of overcoming these health challenges became the foundation of her holistic healing philosophy, emphasizing the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being


In 1989, Tine’s commitment to holistic healing took a significant turn when she began addressing the AIDS epidemic in South Africa. Her approach focused on natural, affordable, and sustainable treatments that aimed to boost the immune system and promote overall well-being. This marked the beginning of her extensive work in addressing a wide range of health conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, and various other diseases, all while emphasizing the body’s innate capacity for self-healing.


Tine’s dedication to empowering individuals to take charge of their health led her to establish TrueHealing, a platform that embodies her holistic approach to wellness. Through TrueHealing, Tine offers a diverse toolbox of natural therapies, guidance on physical, mental, and emotional healing, and a supportive community for individuals seeking to embark on their own healing journeys. Her unwavering commitment to assisting others in achieving optimal health and well-being is evident in her motto: “I will always do my utmost to assist you to get well”

True Healing as in Healing the Whole Person

Tine’s profound belief in the body’s innate ability to heal itself serves as the cornerstone of her holistic program. TrueHealing encompasses mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, reflecting Tine’s holistic approach to wellness. Her message is clear: true healing is a holistic journey that encompasses all aspects of an individual’s well-being, and it is within everyone’s reach. Tine’s dedication to sharing her knowledge and experiences with others underscores her commitment to empowering individuals to embrace holistic healing and embark on their own paths to wellness.


Despite facing challenges and criticism, especially from the traditional medical community, regarding her natural treatment approach to HIV/AIDS, Tine has remained steadfast in her beliefs. Her career has been marked by both acclaim and controversy in the field of holistic healing. Through TrueHealing.health, Tine continues to influence the discourse on alternative therapies, solidifying her legacy as a pioneer who challenges norms and encourages a more inclusive understanding of health and wellness.

Transformative Power

Tine van der Maas’s life and work are a testament to the transformative power of holistic healing, and her commitment to empowering individuals to embrace their innate capacity for self-healing continues to inspire and guide countless individuals on their own paths to true wellness.

The Living Testimony of Healing

In the annals of Tine van der Maas’s life and work, few artifacts offer as potent a testament to her healing philosophy as the documentary featuring her transformative program in the KwaZulu Natal region. This visual chronicle stands not merely as a narrative of health regained but as a vibrant tapestry woven from the threads of resilience, hope, and the rigorous insistence on natural remedies as a path to wellness.

Viewers of the documentary below this article are invited to witness the burgeoning vitality of a community once shackled by illness. You will be introduced to individuals who, under the tutelage of Tine and her team, emerge from the shadows of debilitating diseases to reclaim their place in the dance of life. Scenes of an elderly lady confined by diabetes and high blood pressure, rediscovering the joy of mobility, and a young man, once bedridden by AIDS, now radiating strength and vitality, underscore the profound impact of the TrueHealing.health program.

The documentary showcases not only the health outcomes of the individuals but also captures the essence of Tine’s work—education, empowerment, and the tenacity to challenge established medical paradigms. It is a story of a rain-drenched land where city cars do not fare well, yet determination and compassion navigate the muddy roads to bring hope where it is most needed.

As you watch, you will encounter the 'quacks' who dared to defy the status quo, equipping the disenfranchised with knowledge and tools to detoxify their bodies and restore their biochemistry using nothing more than the natural bounty of their environment—lemons, garlic, olive oil, and an unwavering belief in the body's capacity to heal.

This documentary serves as a testament to Tine van der Maas's enduring legacy, a proof of credibility for her work, immortalized in the stories of those she has aided. It is an open invitation to witness the living testimony of healing and to consider, with an open heart and mind, the possibilities that lie in embracing a holistic approach to health. Join us in viewing this powerful documentary and see for yourself the transformative effects of Tine van der Maas's life's work, where the proof, indeed, is in the pudding.

The Legend Goes On

With TrueHealing Tine offers everyone the opportunity to regain their health back. We could help thousands of people to get their health back, Many of them being desperate and giving up by regular healthcare. We can not help everyone but there is a good change we can help you. Book an appointment with Tine and find out.

Power To The People

Tine van der Maas has developed a program using lemon, olive, garlic, ginger, and beetroot that did draw international attention when she was successful in treating AIDS patients in rural Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa. The program has been criticized by the press and the Treatment Action Campaign, but her results speak for itself.

She has achieved a recovery rate of over 90% for cases deemed terminal, and 99% for cases of "full blown AIDS". This is in contrast to the 18% death rate of patients following the Anti-retroviral program advocated by the medical establishment. Tine's work has been documented in a documentary that is described as mindblowing and deeply touching. A must watch!

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